Wednesday, 21 January 2009

wk 2 Weigh In

Off I went on Monday for my wk 2 weigh in and another 2lbs off. I'm really pleased that's 5lbs in 2 weeks, Which means I have dropped down another stone category and have had to change from 21pts to 20pts a day but as long as its coming off I'm pleased.
The picture below is to illustrates what 1lb of fat looks like, its amazing isn't it?

equivalent to 1 lb of fat...

So as you can see things are still going well and I haven't encountered any problems with the WW diet. I'm busy trying to save points this week as I'm off to my Mums over the weekend and we are going out for a meal on Sat to celebrate her 70th birthday It is amazing what dropping a point off your daily total does, it seems harder to save point this week when I need to then last week.
As part of my job I have been able to organise taking two students to the local gym over the lunch hour I'm able to take them every Tuesday. I know more then once a week would be better but once is better then not at all. I only like doing the treadmill so did 30mins of walking which gained me two spare points and made me feel good. Exercise is my big down fall rather then the eating I do so little so think my metabolism never gets going.
I am also making sure a have a breakfast everyday which is something a wouldn't normally do, but I'm aware this help to get your body going.
That's it for this week.


  1. that is amazing! makes me feel good about losing eve a lb a week!

  2. Thank you for the scary picture of the fat! Hopefully I can keep that image in mind whenever I am tempted.