Friday, 30 January 2009

Week 3. Another good week

Yes another good week, a pound off and if you check the picture from last week you will see just how much a 1 pound is.
I managed to save lots of points last week for the meal out on Saturday for my Mums 70th birthday. I did really well with my main course choosing to have Lemon Sole with new potatoes and vegetables the potatoes and veg had no added butter so that was a bonus there was a small about of butter on the fish, but the whole main course was very low in points. I wouldn't normally have a pudding, but you no what its like when others start to order pudding you just have to join in. So that's what I did...Pear frangipane with clotted cream D'oh it was so lovely and I didn't go over my saved points so although I felt a little guilty for indulging I still fitted it in to my plan.

Till next week.

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