Thursday, 9 April 2009

Wk 14

Oh my what a great week I've had!
My WI was on Monday and I lost 4.5lbs which has now taken me a pound over my 10% and given me another silver seven so the grand loss total is now 1.5 stone We are now entering the Easter holiday period with its promise of lots of chocolate. So what can we do to get through this tempting time with out blowing all our hard work and without feeling deprived?
well did you know that Cadburys cream eggs or 3.5pts per egg? I think that's not bad and possible to fit in to your daily points.
Have a good seasonal break and don't forget to try and point any chocolate you nibble. If you do over indulge don't panic just get back on track and don't give up.

Sunday, 5 April 2009

up to wk 13

Oh dear I'm a little behind on filling you in with my progress. Well Im now on Wk 13 and all is still going well I am so focused it's scarry. The excersize is going well I'm still going to the gym and doing loads more walking as well as eating more fruit and veg. I have also been doing lots of the recipes off the Weight Watchers eSource web site so have far more varity for my evening meals.
So whats the weight loss I hear you cry...
Well it is now a loss of 1 st 2.5lbs Im now only 3.5lbs from reaching my 10% goal. Hope your weight loss journey is going well and if you have a bad day or more dont give up just get back on track and keep going.