Thursday, 9 April 2009

Wk 14

Oh my what a great week I've had!
My WI was on Monday and I lost 4.5lbs which has now taken me a pound over my 10% and given me another silver seven so the grand loss total is now 1.5 stone We are now entering the Easter holiday period with its promise of lots of chocolate. So what can we do to get through this tempting time with out blowing all our hard work and without feeling deprived?
well did you know that Cadburys cream eggs or 3.5pts per egg? I think that's not bad and possible to fit in to your daily points.
Have a good seasonal break and don't forget to try and point any chocolate you nibble. If you do over indulge don't panic just get back on track and don't give up.

Sunday, 5 April 2009

up to wk 13

Oh dear I'm a little behind on filling you in with my progress. Well Im now on Wk 13 and all is still going well I am so focused it's scarry. The excersize is going well I'm still going to the gym and doing loads more walking as well as eating more fruit and veg. I have also been doing lots of the recipes off the Weight Watchers eSource web site so have far more varity for my evening meals.
So whats the weight loss I hear you cry...
Well it is now a loss of 1 st 2.5lbs Im now only 3.5lbs from reaching my 10% goal. Hope your weight loss journey is going well and if you have a bad day or more dont give up just get back on track and keep going.

Friday, 27 February 2009

weeks 7 & 8

Yet another good two week and the great news is I'm just 1 .5 lbs off my first stone now. I lost a 1lbs on wk 7 and 1.5lbs this week.
I don't know about you but I get so frustrated with people at the meeting who moan constantly at only loosing half or a lb, whats that all about surly they can see its better off then on and half lbs are like pennies over time they mount up. Dieting is not a quick fix you have to change the way you look at food and they way you eat it, we would all like to go to bed and wake up the next morning a few stone lighter, but hay that's not going to happen.

Also this week the realisation that a really need to be more active has sunk in. I really hate the thought of exercise and would love to just loose weight with out having to do any and I know I'm not the only one. I am now spending the day with a pedometer fastened to my waist band to count how many steps I am doing. At the moment I'm working on achieving 6000+ steps a day. I now make the effort (and it is) to walk the dogs for at least 1/2 an hour every evening. What I found really shocking was: on Wed I am based in college and don't really go out. When I got home I had only achieved 1313 step and normally that would be it for the day, but a good walk sorted that out.

So we see how I get on this coming Monday.

Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Weeks 4, 5 and 6

As you can see I'm a little behind with this blog, but all is still going well so here is a quick recap of the past two weeks.

Week 4

Lost another 1lb this week which took me to my first half stone yerrrrrrrr and don't I feel fab. Its so good getting to my first target. So I have proudly stuck my first silver seven on the front of my weight watchers file.

Week 5

Wow what a week after the thrill of last week and getting my first silver seven I thought it would be a few weeks till I hit another target and what happened?...I went and lost 3lbs this week, yes that's right 3lbs. I have now lost 5% of my body weight yipee. I'm now only 4lbs off my first stone.


Its still coming off another lb this week so I'm defiantly doing things right and I do seem to have a strong determination to get to my goal. I'm really happy with it coming off at a good steady pace and any loss is definitely better then going on.

I have started to have hot water and lemon which is really sorting out any water retention. As I'm not a big cold water drinker this is definitely the answer for me. I have also started to add ground cinnamon to it and to my porridge in a morning as this is meant to helps with your metabolism.

I hope you are all doing well I would love to hear about anything you have found that is helping with your weight loss.

Friday, 30 January 2009

Week 3. Another good week

Yes another good week, a pound off and if you check the picture from last week you will see just how much a 1 pound is.
I managed to save lots of points last week for the meal out on Saturday for my Mums 70th birthday. I did really well with my main course choosing to have Lemon Sole with new potatoes and vegetables the potatoes and veg had no added butter so that was a bonus there was a small about of butter on the fish, but the whole main course was very low in points. I wouldn't normally have a pudding, but you no what its like when others start to order pudding you just have to join in. So that's what I did...Pear frangipane with clotted cream D'oh it was so lovely and I didn't go over my saved points so although I felt a little guilty for indulging I still fitted it in to my plan.

Till next week.

Wednesday, 21 January 2009

wk 2 Weigh In

Off I went on Monday for my wk 2 weigh in and another 2lbs off. I'm really pleased that's 5lbs in 2 weeks, Which means I have dropped down another stone category and have had to change from 21pts to 20pts a day but as long as its coming off I'm pleased.
The picture below is to illustrates what 1lb of fat looks like, its amazing isn't it?

equivalent to 1 lb of fat...

So as you can see things are still going well and I haven't encountered any problems with the WW diet. I'm busy trying to save points this week as I'm off to my Mums over the weekend and we are going out for a meal on Sat to celebrate her 70th birthday It is amazing what dropping a point off your daily total does, it seems harder to save point this week when I need to then last week.
As part of my job I have been able to organise taking two students to the local gym over the lunch hour I'm able to take them every Tuesday. I know more then once a week would be better but once is better then not at all. I only like doing the treadmill so did 30mins of walking which gained me two spare points and made me feel good. Exercise is my big down fall rather then the eating I do so little so think my metabolism never gets going.
I am also making sure a have a breakfast everyday which is something a wouldn't normally do, but I'm aware this help to get your body going.
That's it for this week.

Friday, 16 January 2009

Joining Weight Watches and wk 1 weigh in.

I have gone and signed up for Weight Watches. I real feel I need to get my weight in check and its not a New Year thing my feeling to loose weight just happened to coincide with the whole New Year resolution thing (of which I never make). I have done WW before about 10yrs and did very well. So on the 5th of Jan off I waddled to my local meeting and started my life changing journey.

Wk 1

3 ponds off Yerrrrrrr Yep on my first weigh in I have lost 3 pounds and all is going well I have no problems with the diet and it is fitting in with my daily life well.

So watch this space to follow the journey of the ever decreasing me :)